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Baby-faced Canadian actress Belinda J. Montgomery rose to television prominence in troubled-teen roles in the early 1970s. While she has been seen in but a handful of theatrical features (she played supporting character Audra Jo in the two fact-based Other Side of the Mountain flicks), Belinda has been remarkably prolific in the field of made-for-TV movies. Many of her small-screen films bear such lurid titles as D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill, Women in Chains, The Crime Club, The Hostage Heart;} her better works include the 1970 comedy-western Lock, Stock and Barrel (which should have been, but wasn't, a weekly series) and the 1979 biopic Marciano, in which she played boxer Rocky Marciano's wife Linda. She was also a regular on several series: she played Sylvie Gallagher on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives, Dr. Elizabeth Merrill in Man From Atlantis ( 1977) and Sarah Miller in Aaron's Way (1988). If you missed any of those, you can still catch Belinda as the mother of the teenaged hero in reruns of the 1989-93 sitcom Doogie Howser MD; or, if you can track down a cable service running the MTV-inspired detective series Miami Vice (1984-89), you might spot Belinda in the off-and-on role of Don Johnson's estranged wife. Belinda J. Montgomery is the sister of former child actor Lee H. Montgomery.

But before acting, Belinda was actually a watercolor artist having sold her first work at the age of 10 to a prominent news anchor on the CBC network in Canada. Art remained her passion but took a back seat to a long and fruitful acting career. Now she has found herself painting fulltime primarily in oil and acrylic as well as working in figurative sculpture. Stay tuned for more images.

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Actress - filmography

2010 TRON: Legacy
Grandma Flynn
2005 Ghost Whisperer (TV series)
Ursula Hilliard
Ghost Bride (2005) … Ursula Hilliard
2002 JAG (TV series)
Exculpatory Evidence (2002)
2001 Camouflage
2000 The Scarecrow (video)
Polly (voice)
1999 Hope Island (TV series)
Jo Sommers
Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning (1999) … Jo Sommers
1999 Phantom Town (video)
1998 Dirty Little Secret (TV movie)
1996 Mr. & Mrs. Smith (TV series)
Amy Pitzer
The Kidnapping Episode (1996) … Amy Pitzer
1996 Promised Land (TV series)
Lisa Smith
The Expatriate (1996) … Lisa Smith
1996 Life Happens (short)
Molly Stewart
1995 Burke's Law (TV series)
Kelly Peterson
Who Killed Mr. Game Show? (1995) … Kelly Peterson
1993 L.A. Law (TV series)
Jessica Wilton
How Much Is That Bentley in the Window (1993) … Jessica Wilton
1989-1993 Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV series)
Katherine Howser
What Makes Doogie Run (1993) … Katherine Howser
Eleven Angry People... and Vinnie (1993) … Katherine Howser (credit only)
Dorky Housecall, M.D. (1993) … Katherine Howser (credit only)
Love Makes the World Go 'Round... or Is It Money? (1993) … Katherine Howser
You've Come a Long Way, Babysitter (1993) … Katherine Howser
See all 97 episodes »
1990 Casey's Gift: For Love of a Child (TV movie)
Terry Ctilwell
1989 In the Heat of the Night (TV series)
Nora Womack
Fifteen Forever (1989) … Nora Womack
1984-1989 Miami Vice (TV series)
Caroline Crockett / Caroline Ballard
To Have and to Hold (1989) … Caroline Ballard
Child's Play (1987) … Caroline Crockett
Calderone's Return: Part 1 - The Hit List (1984) … Caroline Crockett
Cool Runnin' (1984) … Caroline Crockett
Brother's Keeper (1984) … Caroline Crockett
1988 Aaron's Way (TV series)
Sarah Miller
New Patterns (1988) … Sarah Miller
Solid Ground (1988) … Sarah Miller
Invisible People (1988) … Sarah Miller
Strong Foundations (1988) … Sarah Miller
Teachers (1988) … Sarah Miller
See all 14 episodes »
1988 Circle of Love (TV movie)
Sarah Miller
1987 Stone Fox (TV movie)
Doc Smith
1987 Danger Bay (TV series)
Dr. Pam Summer
Signs of Growth (1987) … Dr. Pam Summer
1986-1987 Days of Our Lives (TV series)
Sylvie Gallagher
1986 Adam: His Song Continues (TV movie)
Myra Schmidbauer
1982-1986 Simon & Simon (TV series)
Dorrie Wilson / Joyce Dolan / Laura Steubens Dennison / …
Competition: Who Needs It? (1986) … Dorrie Wilson
Manna from Heaven (1984) … Joyce Dolan
Bail Out (1983) … Sherry Dayton
Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon (1982) … Laura Steubens Dennison (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1986 Stark: Mirror Image (TV movie)
Claire Graves
1986 Code of Vengeance (TV series)
Code of Vengeance II (1986) … Libby
1986 Dalton: Code of Vengeance II (TV movie)
1985-1986 Crazy Like a Fox (TV series)
Kelly Aspen
Hyde-And-Seek (1986) … Kelly Aspen
Wanted Dead and Alive (1985) (as Belinda R. Montgomery)
1981-1985 The Love Boat (TV series)
Valerie Singer / Karen
Good Time Girls/The Iron Man/Soap Star (1985) … Valerie Singer
Victims, The/The Man in the Iron Shorts/Heavens to Betsy (1982) … Valerie Singer
Maid for Each Other/Lost and Found/Then There Were Two (1981) … Karen
1985 Finder of Lost Loves (TV series)
Lisa Hennessey
Final Analysis (1985) … Lisa Hennessey
1985 The Hitchhiker (TV series)
Carla Magnuson
Man at the Window (1985) … Carla Magnuson
1985 Street Hawk (TV series)
Stefanie Craig
Murder Is a Novel Idea (1985) … Stefanie Craig
1985 Riptide (TV series)
Girls Night Out (1985) … Rainey (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1985 Murder, She Wrote (TV series)
Pamela Crane
My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean (1985) … Pamela Crane
1983-1985 T.J. Hooker (TV series)
Dr. Sandy Roberts / Laura Dietrich
The Surrogate (1985) … Dr. Sandy Roberts
Walk a Straight Line (1983) … Laura Dietrich
1984 Silent Madness
Dr. Joan Gilmore
1984 Magnum, P.I. (TV series)
Frannie Huddle
The Legacy of Garwood Huddle (1984) … Frannie Huddle
1984 Lottery! (TV series)
Miami: Sharing (1984)
1984 Blue Thunder (TV series)
Doctor Nell Lindsay
Payload (1984) … Doctor Nell Lindsay (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1984 Whiz Kids (TV series)
Judy Hubbard
Watch Out! (1984) … Judy Hubbard
1983 Tell Me That You Love Me
1983 Uncommon Valor (TV movie)
1982 Bare Essence (TV movie)
1982 CHiPs (TV series)
Elaine Price
Trained for Trouble (1982) … Elaine Price
1982 Dynasty (TV series)
Jennifer Brighton
Mother and Son (1982) … Jennifer Brighton
The Baby (1982) … Jennifer Brighton
1981 Lobo (TV series)
Kate Benson
The French Follies Caper (1981) … Kate Benson
1981 Concrete Cowboys (TV series)
Episode #1.1 (1981) … Janine (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1980 Trapper John, M.D. (TV series)
Darby Sheldon
Girl Under Glass: Part 2 (1980) … Darby Sheldon
Girl Under Glass: Part 1 (1980) … Darby Sheldon
1980 Trouble in High Timber Country (TV movie)
Carrie Yeager (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1980 Turnover Smith (TV movie)
Kelly (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1980 Fantasy Island (TV series)
Aphrodite/Dr. Jeckyll and Miss Hyde (1980)
1979 Eischied (TV series)
Friday's Child (1979) … Joyce
1979 Marciano (TV movie)
Barbara Marciano
1979 Stone Cold Dead
Sandy MacAuley (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1979 How the West Was Won (TV mini-series)
Luke (1979) … Florrie (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1979 The Country Western Murders (TV movie)
Peggy Ann West
1978 Sword of Justice (TV series)
Julie Lang
Aloha, Julie Lang (1978) … Julie Lang (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1978 Blackout
Annie Gallo
1977-1978 Man from Atlantis (TV series)
Dr. Elizabeth Merrill
Deadly Carnival (1978) … Dr. Elizabeth Merrill
The Siren (1978) … Dr. Elizabeth Merrill
Imp (1978) … Dr. Elizabeth Merrill
Scavenger Hunt (1978) … Dr. Elizabeth Merrill
C.W. Hyde (1977) … Dr. Elizabeth Merrill
See all 17 episodes »
1978 Lou Grant (TV series)
Poison (1978) … Carol (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1978 The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2
Audra Jo Nicholson
1977 Quincy M.E. (TV series)
Bonnie DeMarco
Accomplice to Murder (1977) … Bonnie DeMarco (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1977 The Hostage Heart (TV movie)
Fiona (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1977 Most Wanted (TV series)
The Dutchman (1977)
1977 Kingston: Confidential (TV series)
The Night Scene (1977) (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1977 Nashville 99 (TV series)
Sing Me a Song to Die By (1977) … Summer
1977 Westside Medical (TV series)
Sticks and Stones (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1977 Gibbsville (TV series)
Chautauqua, Chautauqua, Chautauqua (1977)
1976 Insight (TV series)
Reunited (1976) … Roseanne (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1976 Breaking Point
Diana McBain
1976 City of Angels (TV series)
A Lonely Way to Die (1976) (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1969-1975 Medical Center (TV series)
Currie / Eunice / Janet / …
One Last Rebellion (1975) … Currie (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
Kiss and Kill (1974) … Joyce (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
The Guilty (1973) … Janet (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
Accused (1970) … Melanie Toland
24 Hours (1969) … Eunice
1975 The Other Side of the Mountain
Audra Jo Nicholson (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1973-1975 The Streets of San Francisco (TV series)
Karen Pearson / Susan Howard
Asylum (1975) … Susan Howard (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
A Collection of Eagles (1973) … Karen Pearson (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1969-1975 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV series)
Mary Ann Graham
Jake's Okay (1975)
Men Who Care: Part 1 (1971)
All the Golden Dandelions Are Gone (1970) … Mary Ann Graham
Echo of a Baby's Laugh (1969) … Mary Ann Graham
1974 Petrocelli (TV series)
Death in High Places (1974) … Barbara (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1974 The New Land (TV series)
The Word Is: Alternative (1974) (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1973 Letters from Three Lovers (TV movie)
1973 Barnaby Jones (TV series)
Amy Partridge
Blind Terror (1973) … Amy Partridge (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1973 Crime Club (TV movie)
Anne Dryden
1973 The Devil's Daughter (TV movie)
Diane Shaw
1972 The Rookies (TV series)
A Deadly Velocity (1972) … Laurie
1972 Mannix (TV series)
Susan Graham
One Step to Midnight (1972) … Susan Graham
1972 Cannon (TV series)
Stakeout (1972) … Anne (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1972 Assignment Vienna (TV series)
Julie Hayes
The Last Target (1972) … Julie Hayes (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1971-1972 The F.B.I. (TV series)
Margo Bengston / Wendy Rankin
The Runner (1972) … Margo Bengston (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
Recurring Nightmare (1971) … Wendy Rankin (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1972 Women in Chains (TV movie)
Melinda Carr
1972 The Sixth Sense (TV series)
Tina Norris
I Do Not Belong to the Human World (1972) … Tina Norris
1972 The Bravos (TV movie)
Heller Chase
1971 Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law (TV series)
Men Who Care: Part 2 (1971) … Mariel
1971 The Todd Killings
1971 Lock, Stock and Barrel (TV movie)
Roselle Bridgeman
1971 Alias Smith and Jones (TV series)
Penny Roach
The Day They Hanged Kid Curry (1971) … Penny Roach (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1971 D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill (TV movie)
Luanne Gibson
1970 Matt Lincoln (TV series)
Nina (1970) … Nina
1970 Ironside (TV series)
Marla Cardwell
Little Dog, Gone (1970) … Marla Cardwell
1970 Paris 7000 (TV series)
Elegy for Edward Shelby (1970)
1970 Ritual of Evil (TV movie)
Loey Wiley
1969 The Virginian (TV series)
Peg Halstead
A Touch of Hands (1969) … Peg Halstead
1969 CBS Playhouse (TV series)
Appalachian Autumn (1969) … Eula
1969 Hey Cinderella! (TV movie)
1967 Barney Boomer (TV series)

Filmography as: Actress, Herself

Herself - filmography

2005 50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up (TV documentary)
1970-1977 The Hollywood Squares (TV series)
Guest Appearance
Episode dated 7 November 1977 (1977) … Guest Appearance
Episode dated 19 October 1970 (1970) … Guest Appearance (as Belinda J. Montgomery)
1977 Battle of the Network Stars III (TV special)

Soundtrack (2 titles)
1992 Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV series)
Dangerous Reunions (1992) (performer: "I Got You Babe" - uncredited, "Somebody to Love" - uncredited, "Born to Be Wild" - uncredited)
1989 In the Heat of the Night (TV series)